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Cold Emails For B2B, Services, Products and Freelancers

Cold Emails for B2B, Services, Products and Freelancers width=Line by line breakdown of how to write a compelling cold email that gets opens and responses.📩 4 email templates

Sales Follow Ups That Revive Prospects Gone Cold

Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone ColdEffective follow up emails that move the sale forward. How to stay on a prospect's radar so they eventually buy from you.📩 8 email templates

Sales Emails That Activate Customers' Buying Triggers

Sales Email Templates that Captivate Customers and Activate Their Buying Triggers width=The average sales email? Insta-ignored. Here's how to use novelty and humor to activate your prospects' buying triggers.📩 4 email templates

View list of lessons: acquire new customers for free and semi-automatically

  1. How to find a goldmine of relevant prospects to fill out your leads list
  2. Finding and verifying your prospects' email addresses in bulk
  3. Effective cold email subject line approaches
  4. Elements of a highly effective cold email body
  5. Turning your email into a semi-personalized template to be mass emailed
  6. How to effectively follow up with prospects who did not reply the first time
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Art of Emails testimonial by Ananad: your site is incredibly useful Your website has been incredibly useful to me; especially the third followup (where you nudge them to act by saying you will put it on hold). I have just testing them out and I got a couple of people to respond after the third followup.

Anand Srinivasan, Founder of LeadJoint

Art of Emails testimonial by Dmitry: most effective sales email templates I have used so far The most effective templates I've used so far, well researched, punchy, funny and most importantly they get results, people actually respond to you when you use them.

Dmitry Dragilev, Founder of Criminally Prolific

Art of Emails testimonial by Ryan: dramatic results in lead generation Art of Emails' sales email framework helped us understand the right way to think about communicating with customers through outreach. And once you understand that, you'll see dramatic results in your lead generation.

Ryan Gum, Founder of Attach