Sales Prospecting: 7 Cold Emails to Warm Up New Leads

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Cold email if you sell B2B products Cold email if you provide business services Cold email for freelancers or contractors Cold email to poach a competitor's customers Cold email using social proof: how your product helped another company Cold email that leverages a referral from the prospect's colleague Ask for the prospect's feedback on your product

Cold email for B2B companies

Original cold email for B2B product: Zenefits

Rewritten optimized version

Why [Companies names prospect would recognize] call us the Swiss knife of HR

The director of HR at a company is typically very easy to find on Linkedin. No need to make yourself jump through another hoop by asking for a referral to the right person.

Build rapport with your prospect by relating to them on a personal level.

Memorably explain how your product works by comparing it a scenario or object everyone knows about with similar qualities.

Extend your analogy to explain your other key perks and features.

Throw in a figure about how an existing client is benefiting from [this feature] to back up your points.

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Cold email for companies who provide services

Original cold email for a service: Sumo Jerky

Rewritten optimized version

About vanquishing those 2pm fades at the office

Personalize your cold email by making a meaningful comment about something your prospect recently did or said.

Describe what your solution is and why your solution is superior.

What is the biggest benefit you offer to the prospect, a benefit that is most relevant to their goals? A lot of people get this one wrong. For example, if you're selling office snacks, your biggest benefit is not that you satiate employees' hunger or make them happier (employees will not be the ones buying your snacks, the company is!). So for a company, your benefit is by making their employees livelier and happier, they get more stuff done for the company.

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Cold email for contractors or freelancers who offer services

Original cold email for freelancer offering services: Indesigner

Rewritten optimized version

Use [] to turn your next visitor into a potential customer

Compliment your prospect on their work.

The biggest barrier to a prospect agreeing to hire you? It's hard for them to visualize based on your abstract benefits and past successes how you can specifically help them. That's why you get a lot more yes's when you show them exactly what they can improve based on the service you provide.

List a few of your best suggestions and the reason behind them to entice your prospect to watch your entire video review.

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Cold email to poach a competitor's customer

For this approach, you can hire a virtual assistant to browse different sites and compile a list of prospects who use a competitor's products. Examples of good sites where you can find customers to poach: Nerdy Data (if your competitor's product is something people add to their sites, Nerdy Data lets you find all the sites that use their code), Capterra (customers who reviewed your competitor's product), Reddit (find people who mentioned they use your competitor's product). Have your virtual assistant note the prospect's full name and the company they work for (search for it on Google or Linkedin if this info is not readily available). With a prospect's full name and company information, you can smart guess their email address.

Alvo just acquired Trellis - keep using all the project management features you love

Explain what change happened with the product the prospect is using and the impact this change may have on their future use of it.

Show the prospect your product has the most important features of your competitor's.

Then list a few valuable features you have that your competitor doesn't to entice them to migrate.

If possible, make it easy for prospects to switch by letting them migrate their existing data.

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How you helped another company

Re: existing subject line

Subscribe to your competitors' newsletters to stay updated on their newest developments so you can mention it in your intro.

Explain the results you delivered for another company doing similar work.

A lot of sales emails ask a prospect when it is a convenient time to reach them. Do not expect your prospect to do any work this early in the relationship. You have to take the initiative to get the ball rolling. Your initial sales email is about building initial interest and setting the context for your call.

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Opening the conversation by using a referral from the prospect's colleague

Getting a referral from your prospect's colleague lends you credibility. Also, letting your contact know someone else is aware of this exchange gives them more impetus to respond.

Just fire off an email to a mid-level employee of the company with:

Who's the best person to get in touch about this?

Ask them to refer you to someone in a department who's responsible for what you want to sell.

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Using a referral from their colleague in a cold email

[Name of colleague who referred you] recommended I speak to you about advertising

Briefly introduce who you are and explain what your company does in terms of what results you delivered for other customers.

Again, don't expect your prospect to take the initiative to call you. Your initial sales email should focus on introducing them to your products so they know what to expect when you call them.

Method credit: Breakthrough Email

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Ask for feedback: put yourself in front of a potentially influential customer

If you're just starting a business, find influencers and ideal customers who would benefit from your product and email them to ask them for feedback. The benefits are twofold. First, they can provide you with valuable insights about how your product can be improved. Second, they may actually end up being your customer if you like your product or share it with their audience. This approach is effective because by only asking for their advice, you’re not raising their don’t-sell-me defenses.

Eagerly anticipating Fire and Ice +your brutally honest feedback?

One sentence meaningful comment about why you value their work and expertise.

Briefly explain what you created.

Highlight 2-3 of the major pain points your product solves.

Ask them for a brief chat to discuss the challenges they face doing what your product solves.

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