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Send HTML emails in Gmail

HTML is great for visually structuring your emails so contacts want to keep reading, can easily process your message and can be guided toward your call to action.

But it only seemed possible to use HTML in an email marketing service to send mass emails.

Until today. You can send HTML emails in Gmail too! Here's now. (You need Chrome browser for this approach.)

1. Code your HTML for the email in your editor and copy it

2. Compose a new email and type in Text into the body

3. Highlight Text, right click and click on Inspect

4. Right click the highlighted line and click on Edit as HTML

5. Highlight Text

5. Paste your HTML to replace it

6. Click anywhere in the new email composer to apply the HTML

7. After you release your mouse, your HTML design will appear inside the new email composer!

Now your email has a pretty HTML design!

Use a CTA button to get more contacts clicking on your link

Email marketers have been turning their CTAs into bright clickable buttons for a while. If you're also asking your contacts to click on important links in your one-on-one emails (for example: click to sign this form), why not employ the same effective method?

Click to edit, then copy the button you want to use:

Remember to add the link the button should go to in your email client!

Get more replies: let your contact set up a reply reminder

If you're sending emails where contacts typically need more than a day to think about it, consider adding this to the end of your emails (copy and paste):

Remind me to reply to this email in 3 days

Make sure you use an email tracking tool like Yesware to get notified if your contact clicks on the link to receive a reply reminder.

If they did, in the existing email thread, email them something similar to this follow up message in 3 days:

Why does this work? When it comes to emails where people need some time to prepare a response, they may forget to get back to it after 1-2 days passes.

Letting your contact set up a reply reminder subtly gets them to commit to replying and creates the expectation they will be reminded. This makes them more likely to reply when the day comes than if you just sent them a follow up email on your own.

The reminder email is deliberately written to look auto-generated so it doesn't feel like you're the one pressuring them to reply.

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