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8 Sales Follow Up Email Templates to Revive Prospects Gone Cold

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Silence after purchase decision time? Get a response Follow up email after a discovery call Provide value in follow up to build relationships Reengage after a trade show or event Webinar: follow up many prospects at once Overcome price objection (without discounts) Ask to end project -> break silence Ask if you did something wrong -> prompt response
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Silence after purchase decision time? Get a response

Send this email if the sales process has reached the point where your prospects has enough information to make a purchase decision and there has been no response from them after your first or second followup.

Re: real-time traffic and weather updates for your deliverers

Where did the conversation last leave off? Pick it up from there.

Decision-makers often don't reply because they're too busy to type out a message. They may have also decided not to buy and want to avoid upsetting you. When you provide them with 3 options to click instead, this makes it slightly less personal for them and requires far less work. Thus they are much more likely to take action.

Use an email tracking tool like Yesware to track which link your prospect clicks on and link each response to a "I received your response - thank you!" page.

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Follow up after a discovery call to move the sale forward

Re: our call today about automatically tracking all your visitor actions

Reiterate the main purpose of your product.

In your discovery call with prospects, ask questions to learn more about their specific pain points and goals. Then in this follow up email, you can focus on which of your product features address those pain points.

Ask your prospect to take the next step, mentioning the value they'll be getting out of it.

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Provide value in your follow up -> build relationships

This type of follow up is ideal for building long-term relationships with prospects.

Since you're such a foodie

Review your prospects' social media profiles to discover their interests. Then find that would be interesting for your prospect and share it with them.

Subtly reintroduce the topic of your last sales conversation.

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Re-engage after an event or trade show

This type of follow up is ideal for earning the trust of a new prospect.

Here's the email tracker I was talking about

When you meet with a potential customer at a trade show, let them do most of the talking. Ask them questions to learn about their interests and goals. When they mention a problem you can easily help with, say you will share with them something cool about it later. This creates an expectation so they're more likely to remember you and engage with your later email. Then follow up the day after and share what you mentioned in it.

Additionally, review their company website and social profiles and share with them one valuable resource helpful for their goals. This goes a long way to earning their trust and demonstrating your value.

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Re-engage many prospects at once: invite to webinar

Turning that lost cause prospect into your next 10K customer?

List the major questions/problems you see your prospects asking about a lot.

Talk about a highly desirable outcome your prospects strive toward.

Invite them to your webinar stating the date and time.

Repeat the major benefit of joining your webinar and provide the link again.

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Overcome price objection without offering discounts

Re: existing subject line

Show you understand their concerns and repeat what they want in your own words to show you have been listening.

Offer to find a creative solution to make the price make the work for their budget by increasing the value they receive. Don't offer any discounts - it degrades the perceived value of your product.

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Revive conversation after no response to third or fourth follow up: ask for permission to end the project


Many people can be slow to act and loss averse. When you ask for permission to put someone's project on hold, it inspires many prospects to finally act or at least explain why they haven't been responding.

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Revive conversation after no response: ask them if you may have done something wrong

Asking a prospect or client if you did something wrong is about reminding them that there's another human being sitting on the other side of the screen. With feelings. You most likely haven't made any mistakes but acknowledging you may have can get a prospect to finally respond because they don't want you to feel bad.

[First Name], did I do something wrong?

Mention that you haven't heard from them in a while and wonder if you did something wrong.

Remind them the previous conversations you two had, restating the benefits they would get out of using your product.

Even if you did nothing wrong per se, say that you'd like to fix any mistake that you may have made. This appeals to your prospect's human/emotional side and encourages them reply to reassure you the silence was caused by to something that happened on their side. Like they got swamped with new projects.

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Push the sale forward after a sales presentation

Great talking today - summary of how ActiveCampaign can help Luxxi convert 5x more prospects

Mention not what your product does, but the most important business goal for your prospect your product helps them achieve.

Describe how major features of your product works by laying out ways your specific prospect would actually use it to achieve their major goals.

Make sure you ask about this in your initial discovery call with the prospect. Don't assume!

For example, a prospect may theoretically earn revenue from all their customers but there may be one specific type that is highest value for them. Then it'd make sense for you to explain how your product works in terms of how it help them succeed with that specific cohort.

Choose 2-3 existing companies similar to your prospect's and specify 1-2 of the biggest impact ways they've used your product to achieve their major business goals.

Remind your prospect what next steps will be taken so you can move your sale forward.

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Why following up is so important

Numerous studies show that it takes an average of five follow ups to close non-routine sales. Five. Only 2% of people buy something after they first talk or meet with you. Persistent and strategic sales follow-ups are the key to eventually getting a yes.

Majority of salespeople after not getting a response to the first email even though it takes multiple touches to close a sale

When you first contact someone, most people are not ready to buy yet. That's why you have to periodically ping someone to stay on top of their awareness. Then when they are ready to make a decision, they think of you first. Here are some follow up sales email templates to continually provide value without annoying your prospects.

Follow up tools

I use Yesware to set sales follow up reminders for myself. It is the most convenient reminder system I have used since you have set it right inside Gmail.

Set a follow up reminder in Yesware

You choose the day you want a reminder and on that day, Yesware resends the email to top of your inbox.

On the day you set to be reminded, Yesware returns the email to the top of your inbox

Sales follow up success story

You sell plastic bags. Not the sexiest of products. Your prospect isn't really interested. In fact his company already has another supplier they already like.

Do you:

a) Move on
b) I like challenges - bring it on!

Be honest! If answered a), you are not alone. In fact you're just like 44% of other salespeople.

Our plastic bag seller wasn't part of the 44% though. He did something different.

He followed up.

Not like a kid begging their parents: "Now? How about nooow?" He researched his prospect, Elliot Bell, and saw that he loved pizza. In fact, Bell said it would eat it 24/7 if he could. Our sales guy wrote to him once a week reintroducing his plastic bags. But he also did something else. He gave Bell a pizza place recommendation every time. His persistence eventually landed him a call with Bell.

That's the difference between getting a chance to close and not. Pizza place recommendations. Well not just pizza place recommendations but following up and providing value to sales leads.

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