Consistently generate new leads and convert them into clients
Art of Sales system: 40+ proven email templates covering every key sales stage

Enjoy freedom of working for yourself, without worrying about dry spells

You took the plunge. You quit the 9-5. You're doing something you love and getting paid for it.
Except there's always that fear: "What if work dries up?" "Will I be able to pay my bills?"

That's because many entrepreneurs leave generating leads and nurturing prospects to 'I do it when I have to'.
As one big project wraps up, they read blogs. They go on forums. They try random tactics and pray something works.

The pros who reliably make $10K+/month? They follow a proven repeatable sales process to generate leads and convert them into clients.

A system based on successful templates and approaches.
So they can send a cold email sequence and reliably generate 30+ new leads every time.
So they can reply to X price objection and successfully move the sale forward.

Art of Sales System: 40+ Sales Email Templates
Stop worrying about dry spells: consistently generate new leads and convert them into new clients
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What selling your services has in common with tying shoelaces

Tying shoelaces is one of those easy peasy routines that a lot of people actually do wrong (seriously, look it up!).

And it kinda sort of works until you find yourself crouched over in the middle of the sidewalk having to retie them.

But there is actually a proven way to tie your laces so they never, ever come undone. Most people follow proven steps for other aspects of their business from incorporating to creating contracts.

But when it comes to the key part, selling your services to make money: "Well all it takes is words right? I can figure out as I go."

Which is why even Google Adwords salespeople are sending sales emails like this:

"You may start with a very minimal budget" ... aka I give you, my prospect, permission to spend your own money.

Instead of having to...
Worry about "How will I find my next clients?"
Limit yourself to your own experiences.
Reach into the Random Tactics grab bag (blog articles, ebooks, forums) after one project ends.

You can deploy a proven sales system to keep generating leads and converting them into clients:

📩︎    Cold email templates that get responses from new leads
📩︎    A 5-part cold email sequence to maximize booked calls with new leads
📩︎    Follow up templates to nudge prospects to take the next step
📩︎    Templates to overcome objections
📩︎    Templates that turn rejections into opportunities

The most effective templates I've used so far, well researched, punchy, funny and most importantly they get results, people actually respond to you when you use them.

Dmitry Dragilev, Founder of Criminally Prolific

Art of Emails' sales email framework helped us understand the right way to think about communicating with customers through outreach. And once you understand that, you'll see dramatic results in your lead generation.

Ryan Gum, Founder of Attach

Your website has been incredibly useful to me; especially the third followup (where you nudge them to act by saying you will put it on hold). I have just testing them out and I got a couple of people to respond after the third followup.

Anand Srinivasan, Founder of LeadJoint

Art of Emails' cold emails showed us how to best frame our track record and business model to entice prospects into a call.

Bram Warshafsky, 5Crowd

Proven sales system to consistently generate leads and convert them into new clients
Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Initial cold emails that spark interest, get replies
Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Cold email sequence to maximize calls
Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
9 follow ups all based on different approaches
Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Follow ups to revive prospects gone cold
Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Responses to overcome price and common objections
Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Bonus: turn rejections into opportunities

These proven email templates are not Mad Libs fill in the blanks either. Because [WHAT PROBLEM YOU SOLVE] can be written a lot of different ways.

Instead, Art of Sales templates are fully written out examples. So you can compose [WHAT PROBLEM YOU SOLVE] by following the proven flow and nuance of what to say. Word by word:

Example Art of Sales template: overcome rejection 'I'm working with someone else'

Show you accept their decision not to move forward for now and frame your response as a way to make sure they're getting everything that is possible with a product from this category.

List 2-3 features that differentiate your product from the one they’re currently using. This may renew their interest in continuing the conversation to see if you may be able to deliver better results for them.

Explain how you helped a similar company and make them feel welcome to ask questions related to your expertise and what your product does to further rekindle their interest in learning more about how you can help them.

The complete list of templates covering every key sales stage:

Cold email: provide the prospect 2-3 actionable improvement ideas
Cold email: people who use relevant products
Cold email: ask a prospect for feedback
Cold email to prospects who post jobs listings related to the service you provide
Cold email: use something the prospect did / said as conversation starter
Cold email to users who requested help on social media
Ask your subscribers if they are looking for help
If existing client connected you with a new prospect
If existing client provided you the contact info of a prospect
3 actionable steps to help them achieve an important goal
Get prospects who requested quotes invested in working with you
Present 3 major benefits of a discovery call to entice prospects
1st follow up: how other clients have benefited from your servicer
2nd follow up: provide value based on your prospect needs or interests
3rd follow up: ask prospect to 1-click an option
Follow up 3 months later: provide value relevant to recent company change
Follow up 3 months later 2: are you still interested?
Email your proposal and quote before a scheduled call
Response if prospect objects to having an initial call
Overcome objection I am working with someone else
Overcome objection I am not interested
Create an opportunity with I will keep your info on file prospects
Test to see if price is their real objection
Price objection: offer more value for the same price
Price objection: list what you offer at different price points
Price objection: remove product features to lower the price
Price negotiation: convince prospect to accept price offer
If a prospect asks about price early on
Rejection -> you refer us to someone else?
Ask for insights on how you can improve
Response to I'll connect with you later
Response to I don't have the budget right now
Ask a customer for a referral
Ask for feedback: build relationships with customers
Nudge a customer to pay an overdue invoice
Offer customers exclusive valuable content related to your service
The Art of Sales System also includes:
Lifetime updates Lifetime product updates
Lifetime access. New proven sales email templates will be continuously added.
Access anytime, any device Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Works on desktop and mobile. Reference the sales templates anywhere anytime.
Proven psychology Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Explained: the psychology behind key phrases so you easily personalize them for your prospects.
Real life successful sales emails Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
Access rarely seen high converting sales emails sent by top companies.
Take notes directly on the page Follow Ups that Revive Prospects Gone Cold
With our notes widget, you can copy a template and directly edit it on every page.
Consistently acquire new clients and make money week after week
40+ proven email templates to consistently generate leads and convert them into new clients
Upgrade today - $138 One-time payment; instant access

How following a system will help you make steady income and avoid these common sales mistakes

1'Talking with human beings? Can't follow some system for that!”

When it comes to qualifying leads, you run through a 15-point checklist. When it comes to preparing contracts, you tweak a standard template. When it comes to actually talking with your prospects ... but they're fleshy feely human beings!

By following a system for this, I don’t mean scripting your interactions with prospects down to [insert joke here] and [list your product benefits here].

I mean following approaches that have been proven to advance the sale in your situation.

An approach like it's more effective to get an overdue invoice paid by sending a robospeak boilerplate email from [email protected] This way, the other side doesn’t feel like you’re personally judging or guilt tripping them.

Art of Sales templates are proven approaches in action. Using prewritten word-by-word examples, it shows you not only what approach works in your sale situation, but the nuance and flow of how to say it.

2Spend time typing out unique responses to every prospect

Beyond being able to apply a proven approach to your sales situation, templates also save tons of time. Time that could be spent following up with other prospects. Or taking a well-deserved break on Youtube.

With email templates for every stage of the sale at your fingertips, all you have to do is pull up the one for your situation. The psychology explanations of key phrases help you easily personalize it for your prospect.

Templates also keep your responses to your prospects consistent and free from the whims of emotions and your hunger level.

3Not taking your emotions and fears out of the equation

The sales process can be a game of poker. It's easy for emotions and fears to trip you up. Which is why 70% of salespeople give up after they don't get a reply to their first email. You don't have to be one of them!

By sticking to a system, you stop acting on those pesky “But I need to hit my quota” and “What if I annoy them” and “What if they reject me” thoughts.

Prospect stopped replying? Instead of not following up because you’re afraid they don’t want to hear from you again, follow the system. Pull up a follow up template, quickly personalize it and click send.

Just finished your sales / demo presentation? Instead of leaking strong emotions like overeagerness to close the deal into your email recap, follow the system. Pull up a post-presentation template, personalize it as needed and click send.

Consistent proven actions getting consistent results.

Ready to tap into the experiences of hundreds of other salespeople at every key sales stage? Join Art of Sales today.

You have questions, we got answers

Who is Art of Sales system for?

Art of Sales shares proven email templates primarily for B2B service businesses. The templates are word-by-word examples that show you exactly what to say in every key sales stage from making the initial cold introduction to overcoming price objections.

What type of products or services does the email templates show how to sell?

The 40+ email templates focus on selling B2B freelance, consulting or agency services.

What if I'm not happy?

If you are not satisfied with Art of Sales system, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund 100% of your money.

How do I use the Art of Sales system?

You create an account, pay to upgrade and get instant access to all 40+ sales email templates.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Does my membership include future updates?

Yes, you will be able to access to all new sales email templates.